Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recent things around the house

Here is my hand. You can kind of see where he cut out the cyst. Feels fine now that I can move it around. One week with the splint was enough.
Also trimmed the "freeway tree" in the front. Keep the leaves and seeds off the roof for a while.
Here is the Kumquat tree in the front. Lots of fruit every year.

The wall is back up- at the bottom you can see where they cut back the tree trunk - should be good for a few years before the wall gets pushed over again.
This is view of the now trimmed Ginko in the back.
Here is the set up for painting the outside. Looks real safe for an old guy - broken hip here I come
Here is the new computer set up in the back room. Purchased the 2tb drive for back up with Novastor. Work okay first time.

Here is the newly installed windows. The visqueen on the outside is in case of rain until it gets painted. Haven't got the painting inside yet either, will attack soon.

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  1. Wha' happened to the front wall? Tree push it over? Wha' happened to your hand? When did you install new windows? (nice!) The ginko looks NEKKID! Do NOT break your hip! Nice to see your blog!